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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque reopens after more than two months

May 31, 2020 2:10:54 pm

The resumption of prayers at Islam’s third-holiest site capped a sombre period for Jerusalem’s Muslims, who this year marked the holy fasting month of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr holiday without their usual daily visits to Al-Aqsa and the adjoining Dome of the Rock.

Greeks rush to get haircuts, buy flowers, as virus lockdown eases

Greece clarifies policy, to allow tourists from all nations

May 31, 2020 1:55:12 pm

The two-tiered policy, which revised information the Greek government issued Friday, will be applied during June 15-30, although officials left open the possibility of maintaining entry restrictions after the end of June.

Explained: Why George Floyd’s death has sparked violent protests in the US

George Floyd killing: Over 1,400 arrested, curfews imposed, more soldiers deployed as protests intensify across US

May 31, 2020 1:30:21 pm

In Detroit, a 19-year-old man was allegedly shot dead by an unknown suspect who opened fire on a group of demonstrators. The shooter quickly fled the scene, while the victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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George Floyd killing: Police vehicles ram into protesters in New York

May 31, 2020 12:24:32 pm

Tensions flared in New York on Saturday as thousands gathered across the city to protest against the killing of 46-year-old African American George Floyd, who died on Monday after being pinned to the ground and suffocated by a Minneapolis police official.

Nepal moves amendment bill to change map, emblem in parliament

May 31, 2020 12:23:24 pm

Law Minister Shivamaya Tumbahamphe tabled the amendment bill which will be approving the recent political map published by the Government incorporating an additional 370 sq km area in the tri-junction of Nepal, India, and China (Tibet).

EU urges US to reconsider decision to break ties with WHO

EU urges US to reconsider decision to break ties with WHO

May 31, 2020 12:01:51 pm

“Global cooperation and solidarity through multilateral efforts are the only effective and viable avenues to win this battle the world is facing,” according to a joint statement Saturday from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the bloc’s chief foreign envoy, Josep Borrell.

Truck drives through Florida protesters; no serious injuries

Truck drives through Florida protesters; no serious injuries

May 31, 2020 9:10:51 am

Saturday's protest demanding justice for George Floyd was one of several in Florida and dozens across the nation.

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Truck drives through Florida protesters; no serious injuries

May 31, 2020 9:12:29 am

Video shows Tallahassee protesters walking around the truck as it stopped at a traffic light, while some appeared to speak to the driver. In one video, a bottle was apparently smashed against the widow and the truck then suddenly accelerated, knocking several people to the side, but no serious injuries were reported.

NYPD cruisers drive into protesters who were pelting

Donald Trump postpones G7 summit, wants India, others to join group

May 31, 2020 12:34:38 pm

"I'm postponing it because I don't feel that as a G7 it properly represents what's going on in the world," Trump said. It was unclear whether Trump's desire to invite the additional countries was an effort to permanently expand the G7.

Somalia says elections set for early 2021 despite coronavirus risk

May 31, 2020 8:15:31 am

“Holding a timely election is more important than anything else at this time and it’s one of the primary goals which the public entrusted us,” Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre said in a speech following a cabinet meeting.

Venezuela to raise fuel prices in historic policy shift

May 31, 2020 8:06:09 am

“This is a war, my dear fellow countrymen who listen to me, a brutal war,” Maduro said from the presidential palace on Saturday evening. The US is “persecuting any company that brings a drop of gasoline to Venezuela.”

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Donald Trump vows to stop ‘mob violence’ protesting George Floyd death

May 31, 2020 8:02:03 am

“The mobs are devastating the life’s work of good people and destroying their dreams,” Trump said at Cape Canaveral, Florida, in remarks following the first launch of US astronauts into orbit from US soil since 2011.

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K P Oli to move amendment Bill on new map

May 31, 2020 12:21:40 am

The Cabinet meeting also decided to deploy the army in case there is unrest following the endorsement of the Bill as well as the proposed resolution to have a $500 million contract signed with the US.

China’s second aircraft carrier begins sea trials to test weapons, equipment

May 30, 2020 11:35:29 pm

Shandong is reportedly conducting testing and training missions in the Yellow Sea as China's Maritime Safety Administration on Friday prohibited the entry of the warship into a vast area till June 2, state-run Global Times reported.

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Experimental COVID-19 test detects coronavirus in 10 minutes: Study

May 30, 2020 6:23:39 pm

According to the scientists, the test uses a highly specific molecule attached to gold nanoparticles to detect a particular protein that is part of the genetic sequence unique to the novel coronavirus. When this biosensor binds to the gene sequence, the study said the gold nanoparticles respond by turning the liquid reagent from purple to blue.

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George Floyd death: Wife of police officer charged with murder files for divorce

May 30, 2020 4:03:24 pm

“Derek Chauvin's wife is devastated by Mr Floyd’s death and her utmost sympathy lies with his family, loved ones and everyone who is grieving this tragedy,” a statement released by Kellie Chauvin's lawyer read.

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Biden speaks of racial ‘open wound,’ contrasting with Trump

May 30, 2020 3:48:38 pm

As the country endures another spasm of racial unrest, the central premise of Biden's campaign is being tested. Biden is responding by positioning himself as an empathetic counter to Trump, who often struggles to convey emotion or connect on a personal level during moments of crisis.

US states rattled by sporadic protests as cop charged over George Floyd's death

Protests flare up across US cities as cop charged over George Floyd’s death

May 30, 2020 4:10:38 pm

Derek Chauvin, the white Minneapolis police officer, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter Friday, and authorities imposed an overnight curfew to stem three nights of often-violent protests that left dozens of stores burned and looted.

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Watch: Minneapolis burns as protests against George Floyd’s death grows across US

May 30, 2020 3:26:04 pm

Several videos, which appeared on social media, showed the demonstrators barging into the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct and allegedly setting it on fire.

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US ‘very saddened’ by what happened to the relationship with China: Trump

May 30, 2020 2:55:29 pm

Amid escalating bilateral tensions over the coronavirus pandemic, trade issues and Beijing's new controversial security law in Hong Kong, Trump announced a series of decisions including issuing a proclamation to deny the entry to certain Chinese nationals and tightening of regulations against Chinese investments in America.